About Us

Meet The Dentist

Dr. Max believes in AFFORDABLE CARE FOR EVERYONE. He continues to employ like-minded dentists and staff members that work together to make the dentistry fit YOUR BUDGET! We work hard, day-in and day-out, to provide you and your family with a quality product in a fast and affordable manner. Our attention to detail and flexibility allows us to offer you something that no other dentist will ever offer you: BEST QUALITY AT LOWEST PRICES. Rest assured, Dr. Max and his associate dentists provide the same exact quality of work that you would expect when you pay a full-fee at a regular dental office that charge an arm and a leg. You are in good hands, 24/7. Welcome to the family! We look forward to serving your needs and giving you what you want.

How a Smile Can Change a Life

At our clinic, we believe in access to quality healthcare to ALL ages, races, and income levels. In America, it is common knowledge that dental care is expensive and sometimes out-of-reach to a regular, average person. At Amigos Dental, however, we work with you based on your income level and your ability to pay in order to meet your dental needs. If you have dental insurance, great! Help us MAXIMIZE your INSURANCE BENEFITS while minimizing your out-of-pocket costs via our long-haul, flexible payment plans.

At Amigos Dental, our focus is providing quality and affordable dental care and braces for you and your family. We accept ALL insurances, including Medicaid, CHIP, HMO, and DMO. We work around you and your family’s schedule. We offer a money back guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied. We give you a reason to smile. We Speak Patient!


We have the lowest prices in Texas and possible in America. Same great quality of dental work, but at the cheapest prices possible! We are open late, on weekends, and are available on-call 24/7 to accommodate your dental needs. Welcome to Amigos Dental! Be part of our dental family!

Why Do People Love Us?

Kids enjoyed their visit and they took great care of all their dental needs.
Vanessa Perry-Alvarez
Dallas, Texas
Staff was very friendly and answered any questions I had about my treatment.
Susan Croft
Dallas, Texas
Today My friend Elizabeth got me in with my insurance it's hard find people that take it. And let me tell you the price is amazing. He was the lowest of all the place I went and did my work right their. On a Sunday I work 70 hours a week. This was exceptional service. The lady that did my xray was gentle and lady that help Dr. Was understanding and explained everything in detail. Thank you so much Dr.Max an Staff!!
John Miller
Dallas, Texas